In recognition of his contribution to the farm toy collecting hobby.

The following is the text that appears on the plaque hanging in the Hall of Fame.

Neil Fishel grew up on a small farm near Winston-Salem, NC and is the third generation to work this farm and to collect both toy and full-size tractors. An old Christmas photo shows a very young Neil receiving a blue box 1066. As an active hobbyist he has bought and sold farm toys, built displays, restored pieces in need of TLC, and passed his love of tractors to his own children as well as others. In 2008 Neil started the Wind Mill Acres Farm Toy Show held annually on their farm. Always a promoter of farm toy collecting, Neil is a willing source of information and encouragement for new collectors in an area where the hobby is growing. Neil is serving a second term directorship with the National IH Collectors Club.

For a complete list of inductees click here.

To nominate a person or persons for their contribution to the farm toy collecting hobby, please contact Rick Cambell, email rkcamp53@gmail.com

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