The National Farm Toy Museum's (NFTM) mission is to provide an educational experience of the history of agriculture through farm toy collecting.
  • To preserve and promote the rich history of agriculture through farm toy collecting
    • To provide a unique and educational experience to visitors
    • To extend valuable resources to farm toy collectors
    • To organize special events and toy shows to promote the industry
    • To conserve the history of farm toy manufacturing
Collection Policy

Collection Policy

The scope of collections is to be consistent with and supportive of the Mission Statement of The National Farm Toy Museum.

Materials of Interest to the National Farm Toy Museum

  • Model toy tractors and machinery
  • OEM tractors
  • Custom and/or scratch-built models
  • Major manufacturers (i.e., ERTL, Scale Models, and SpecCast et al.)
  • Short run manufacturers
  • FFA, 4H endorsed farm toys and memorabilia
  • Foreign toy tractors and machinery
  • Tractor and farm memorabilia
  • Farm Toy Manufacturing Companies history
  • Historic OEM Signage
  • Original Tractor or Farm Toy Literature: shop manuals, advertising literature, books, pamphlets, flyers
  • Artwork, photos relating to tractors and farm toys

Items that the museum is not interested in the collection to include:

  • Large full-scale dioramas (just not enough space!)
  • Non-farm, or farm toy related items (we are the farm toy museum after all!)
Donation Policy

Donation Policy

New additions help keep the museum fresh and exciting and will educate and entertain future generations. Acquisitions should support the mission of the

National Farm Toy Museum and uphold this great American heritage. The National Farm Toy Museum is a not-for-profit museum. Funded by our museum admissions, collector tractor sales, membership program, grants, special events, and donations that allow us to support ongoing exhibits and displays. Our collection of artifacts, memorabilia, and artwork come from donations by both businesses and private collectors. These acquisitions are needed and will ensure the future of the National Farm Toy Museum.

Interested in donating to the museum's collection? Please complete the attached Deed of Gift form and include a photo of your item(s), email to or mail to the National Farm Toy Museum – 1110 16th Ave Ct SE, Dyersville, IA 52040.

Deed of Gift Form



Why Farm Toys?

A farm toy museum? Learn about our unique history and the details behind the museum that farm toys built!

The history of agriculture tells the story of humankind. Farm toys also convey that story serving as a conduit between people and their connection to agriculture. The farm toy instills a lasting impression on people of all ages. Today, thousands of adults collect and children play with farm toys that replicate tractors used on the farm. Farm Toys might be the only connection to actual farm work for many people today, but they still serve to remind our visitors of the hard work that was done and is being done every day to feed the world. At home and around the world, farm toy collecting has established itself into a well-respected and well-known hobby.

Why Farm Toys?

A Great Idea!

The idea of a farm toy museum came from the growing awareness of the farm toy hobby through passionate and enthusiastic collectors and the demand for additional space to house the National Farm Toy Show. Taking note of these two elements Dave Bell, then of the ERTL Company, and Claire Scheibe, founder and past president of the Toy Farmer Ltd. met with the Dyersville Industries, Inc. (DII) Board of Directors to propose the National Farm Toy Museum.

A Great Idea!

The National Farm Toy Museum was established in 1986 when Dyersville Industries, Inc. and The Ertl Company agreed to build and finance the project. Dyersville Industries, Inc., was named owner of the Museum and The Ertl Company contracted to provide five sets of Cockshutt tractors over a five year period to help finance the Museum. In the Fall of 1990, Dyersville Industries made its final installment, paying off the construction note upon completion of the fifth set.

On the conclusion of the five sets of Cockshutts tractors, the Ertl Company agreed to provide one tractor per year as a commemorative issue. The purpose was to provide the Museum with a unit that would generate money to continue with the growth of the Museum, and enhance displays. Shop Now

National Farm Toy Museum Advisory Board

The National Farm Toy Museum Advisory Board's objective is to make recommendations to the board of directors of Dyersville Industries Incorporated that will sustain and improve the economic vitality and cultural integrity of the National Farm Toy Museum. It is ultimately responsible for the formal governance of the Museum's collections,
ensuring that the strategies, policies, and practices associated with the management of the collection remain aligned with and supportive of the Museum Mission Statement. This all-volunteer committee advises staff on toys, displays, loans, and donations to be placed in the Museum's Collection. With an extensive and valuable knowledge of the inner workings of the farm toy and agricultural industry, these individuals contribute significantly to the Museum's mission.
  • Dave Bell - Chair - Owner Spec Cast, Dyersville, Iowa
  • Kate Bossen - Bossen Implement, Lamont, Iowa
  • Jason Dalton - Dalton's Farm Toys, Newton, Iowa
  • Eric Smith - Collector, Independence, Iowa
  • Jim Willey - Collector, Delhi, Iowa
  • Jason Hasert - Toy Tractor Times, Hopkinsville, Kentucky
  • Gary Nees - Agriculture, Blairsburg, Iowa
  • Kathy Polfer - Plaza Antique Mall, Dyersville, Iowa
  • Cathy Scheibe - Toy Farmer Ltd. LaMoure, North Dakota
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