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Do you have several generations collecting farm toys in your family? (i.e. Grandpa, Son, Grandchild)

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Yes  1077  64.07%
No  604  35.93%

Anonymous says:
Now with grandchildren it is time to look for the things that they love.
Lester Berry says:
I collect the Farm Toys. My Son collect Contruction Toys.
Sherwin Busche says:
My son and grandson are featured in the june 2004 edition of toy farmer on page 84.My grandson is older now and has his own collection.
Anonymous says:
my siblings and i are first generation
Anonymous says:
My dad has a collection and started one for my children on their birthdays. A neat way for my kids to share a little of our farm heritage. We love the toy museum.
Steve Wisconsin says:
My Dad started a collection but I may have started mine first. Brother has a few items. We were too hard on our childhood toys.
Mike Dolny says:
My father and I, we are enthusiastic collectors in Switzerland! Not only farm toys, also construction machines and trucks.
billy bebout says:
i am 2 generation to be buying farm toys and my sons hope to do the smae as me
Tucker mays says:
There was a skip in generations to mine in farming but I am first to collect in the whole family.
from Atlanta says:
We came to see the Field of Dreams but wouldn't have left without seeing the museum.
Gary West says:
I have been collecting international Harvester and John Deere farm toys for 40 years and will pass them to my Grand kids.
Anonymous says:
I have 1 old toy from my grandpa. It's broken but I still love it
Anonymous says:
I have a nice start on a collection of International toy tractors allways looking to expand it
MIlton Bains says:
I collect plows
Anonymous says:
We farm and I and my sons collect John Deere. I collect tractors and implements that my Dad and I farmed/farm with and precisions. One son collects steel wheels and 1/8 scale. Another collects shelf models and the third collects 64th scale. I gave each of my 14 grandchildren a JD tractor and hat when they were born, and some of them have other pieces, also.
Anonymous says:
The museum is fantastic, Grandpa has been collecting for years, and now we are purchasing things for our Grandson's.
Charles Greenman says:
My wife of 2 years has become very interest in my collection of 20 years. Now she wants the whole toy farm display. Its fun doing this together.
Ted Bernklau says:
National Farm Toy Museum is WONDERFUL! AWESOME!! Educating young and old about Harvesting Food for the World in miniture.
Anonymous says:
i am the first generation
Frits van Manen says:
I am starting when my uncle brought me a M-H 44 in 1950 when he came over for a relatives visit. The museum is unique!
Kevin - Minnesota says:
I have been collecting JOHN DEERE toy tractors and implements for 20 years. I have one of my grandson's collecting NASCAR's also. I have since graduated to restoring JD lawnmowers
Nate and Dave says:
Went to show today dad and I both of us added to our collections. Its gotta be red.
Myers Pedal Tractor Pulls says:
Great museum and we really enjoyed being part of the National Farm Toy Show and look forward to being there again next year.
Anonymous says:
My Dad collected all kinds of tractors, but loved Allis Chalmers, I to have a few tractors & my son has a huge JD collection, but has also started to collect Farmalls!
Clark Williams says:
Getting an Arcade built Allis-Chalmers WC at age 10 started me to amass a toy tractor collection; mostly the orange. My collection gives me a show every day.
Anonymous says:
Just starting a collection for my grandson who is three. Only problem is when he plays with some of them and gets upset you sure have to watch out when its a cast iron tractor in his hand. But he sure loves his John Deeres
Jason S. Mason says:
I have all of my John Deere stuff from 40 years ago when I was a kid. In my 20's, I started buying more simply to collect. At that time, my dad starting doing so as well. Now my daughter has her tractors and such that I hope she will keep forever and pass on to her own children one day.
oldtractorguy says:
Unfortunately, no one in my family shares my interest. My brother is a FANTASTIC build it from scratch, all wood locomotive modeler, but no tractors. For me, my toys are tractors, trains and some trucks. All models - not the "running" kind.
Tim the tractor man says:
I have been collecting for about 35years, just love toy tractors !
Anonymous says:
My son and now grandson love to collect and play with their tractors. They followed in my footsteps. 3 generations strong!!! Chris from Lewis IA
Anonymous says:
Our Family has over 100 plus Pedal Tractors,mostly restored.
Theresa Toole says:
My grandpa Al Erdmann used to work for John Deere and my mother collects the miniature toys.
Bigfoot says:
I started collecting John Deere farm toys when I retires 4 years ago. It was to dress up my office. Now I need more office space. Now includes a few other brands to.
MichaelLynick says:
Started collecting 1/64 semi's when I was around 10yrs old....I have just under 1,000 now, all primarily Ertl, both stock and custom.
big foot says:
NAT farm toy show rocks
David Dietrich says:
My in-laws are farmers and my second oldest son can't get enough of there farm. He loves his uncle's toy farm collection and just about lost it when we visted the Museum. We have begun buy him his own farm collection, he plows, plants and combines my living room carpet everyday.
Dayton Tractor Parts says:
We have been buying a couple 1/16 IH and Farmall Ertl tractors for my son every year for Christmas.I have also bought a Red Power Round Up tractor for him every year since since 2004, when we started collecting the show tractors. He is now 15 years old, and I think his Dad likes the little tractors just as much as he does. It is fun to collect them together.
Anonymous says:
We had to build a new garage for the cars when the toy collection filled the first one.
Anonymous says:
We started buying the Precision Series John Deere tractors for my father-in-law. Now our 10-year old son collects 1:64 scale. They spend a lot of time together talking about tractors! We hope to visit the museum this summer for the first time.
Martin Kandell says:
I have a forage and grain harvesting operation that uses 64th scale models of the New Holland FR-9090 self-propelled forage harvester for cutting forage corn and forage grasses, a Case IH 8120 combine custom fitted with a raisable feederhousing, dual tracks front and rear, steerable RWA, hinged pivoting chaff spreaader, and bin extension with a 24 row corn head, a 50 foot draper platform offset to the right, and a Swathmaster pickup head for the corm and grain harvesting operation, backed by a Case IH tractor with a J&M Grain Storm grain cart and several IH Transtar 2 custom-built grain and forage dump straights, all in 64th scale, and it works well enough for me.
Carson says:
I'm 10 and I'm following in my Grandpa's footsteps. I collect 1/16 and 1/64 scale John Deere and Farmall tractors. Mom and Dad are bringing me to the summer farm toy show in June. I can't wait!
daniels says:
My garndpapa had a old loader and did not play with
Shaffer family says:
3 generations of toy collectors so far. 4 generations of the real thing. A-C #1 Grandson having an orange theme wedding with A-C tractor as cake topper.


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