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Collector's how do you attach a value to your collection?

The current results are:

I just guess  14  24.56%
Dick's Price Guide  23  40.35%
Standard Catalog of Farm Toys (O'Brien)  10  17.54%
My collection has been appraised  2  3.51%
Other, see my comment  8  14.04%

Anonymous says:
I have not found a good source of valuations on 1/64th size toys.
Anonymous says:
Combination of Age, condition, availibility, auctions, Ebay prices.
Paul says:
What they sell for on EBAY is how I determine its value.
Anonymous says:
see what they will give
Anonymous says:
cool toys
Anonymous says:
I use the list price and then check collector websites for current values.
Anonymous says:


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