Archived Questions

Collectors, The museum is working on updating signage on Scratch Built or Modified items, what details do you look for in these types of units?  Send your comments...


In the upcoming AGCO display what aquired company are you most interested in learning more about?

Collectors, have you tested your Farmall knowledge by playing the IH Farmall Trivia Game in the Museum "Farmall Forever" display? 2010 is the last year for this display! 1/12/2010
Do you have several generations collecting farm toys in your family? (i.e. Grandpa, Son, Grandchild) 1/12/2010
Collectors, what scale farm toy do you prefer to collect? 6/26/2009
Collector's how do you attach a value to your collection? 3/18/2009
Vistors always comment on the many displays in the National Farm Toy Museum, which one is your favorite...? 1/28/2009
Collectors, do you prefer to collect farm toys in "original" condition or do you like to see restored toys in your collection. 1/28/2009
Collectors, with the Holidays fast approching do you have your Farm Toy wish list updated? 12/1/2008
Happy Holidays from the National Farm Toy Museum! Have you recieved or given a farm toy as a gift? 11/25/2008
The new 2008 Museum Tractor is the International Farmall 560 Demonstrator with Gold Plow. Collectors, do you have other demonstrator models in your collection? 8/11/2008
Have you ever been to the "National Farm Toy Show"? Plan to attend this year's November 6, 7, & 8. 8/11/2008
The Museum is currently updating its inventory for the year. Collectors, Do you compile an inventory of your collection? 7/22/2008
Were you able to attend the 2008 Summer Farm Toy Show? 6/19/2008
Collectors, Does the internet play a positive role in continuing to promote the hobby of Farm Toy Collecting? 6/19/2008
Collectors, Where is your collection stored? My collection is... 5/16/2008
Are you in a agricultural profession? 5/16/2008
Have you been to a farm toy show? 4/11/2008
As a collector where do you purchase most of your toys? 4/11/2008
As a Farm Toy Collector do you have toy manufacturer loyalty (ie, Ertl, Spec Cast, Scale Models, etc...)? 3/12/2008
Have you seen a tractor parade? 3/12/2008
Do you collect memorabillia with your toys? (Farm Hats, Buckles, Mugs, Pens and other Miscellaneous items) 2/13/2008
Will you be coming to see the new Farmall display starting in 2008? 2/13/2008
What color is your family farm tractor? 1/24/2008
Have you seen the Decades of Deere Display introduced in 2005? 1/24/2008
Have you made a New Year's resolution to visit the Museum this year? 1/4/2008
In your opinion, are collectors today looking for which area of toys? 12/19/2007
Do you know a youth interested in farm toys and farming? 12/19/2007
Do you have a complete collection of the National Farm Toy Museum Tractor Series? 9/26/2007
With the new design, will you visit this site more often? 9/25/2007


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