2007 Hall of Fame Recipients

Weldon Yoder Dave Nolt

The Farm Toy Hall of Fame Committee has announced the induction of two wonderful contributors to the farm toy collecting hobby. David Nolt: of Nolt Enterprises, Inc. and Weldon Yoder the former toymaker of Yoder Models will be inducted into the Farm Toy Hall of Fame at the induction ceremony that takes place right before the 30th Annual Toy Farmer National Farm Toy Show. Weldon worked with his father on the farm for many years giving him a good knowledge of farm tractors. As a boy he began carving airplanes from wood. Later he spent some years working as a tool & die maker. During this time he would often restore and add details to toys he found in dumps. In 1975 he started his own machine shop. Then, in the late '70's he began collecting toy tractors and producing replacement and customizing parts for collectors. In 1980 Weldon, along with his son Terrill, started Yoder Models. Weldon's vision was to produce highly detailed, accurate models for the average collector. Weldon, with his wife Helen, and another son Kenton, produced over 50,000 plastic model tractors in their family business over the next 16 years. These models included show tractors for the Lafayette, Goshen IN, and Beaver Falls, PA, shows. Weldon was a pioneer in the detailed model tractor industry. For Dave, the doors opened when his full time job ended in 1991! He started collecting farm toys in the 70 s and his passion for the hobby grew. In 1980 Dave introduced the pocket-sized "Farm Toy Price Guide". Next, he started the "Back-East" farm toy shows and auctions in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in1983. Then seven years later, Dave received licensing from John Deere to build and sell high detail tractors that were never produced previously. After losing his job, Dave went on to establish Nolt Enterprises LLC, officially started in 1991. His interest in farm toys relates to working for his Dad, a self-employed used farm machinery dealer. "I am indebted to many others, especially pattern makers, machinists, painters and fellow hobbyists" says Dave.




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