2012 National Farm Toy Hall of Fame Inductees

T. Charles Baird Ralph and Joanne Jolley

Dyersville, IA, - -  The National Farm Toy Museum will honor its 2012 National Farm Toy Hall of Fame inductees in a ceremony on Thursday, November 1, 2012 kicking off events for Toy Farmer’s® National Farm Toy Show®.   The 2012 honorees join a group of 37 others, beginning with Fred and Gertrude Ertl and Claire and Cathy Scheibe (complete listing at  The purpose of the National Farm Toy Hall of Fame is to recognize those people who in a positive manner have given of their time and talents to the forwarding of the farm toy hobby.  For their dedication to the farm toy hobby, Charley Baird and Ralph and Joanne Jolley will be inducted this year into the National Farm Toy Hall of Fame.


 T. Charles Baird from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania has been involved in the farm toy hobby for a lifetime. T. Charles Baird began collecting with the tractors he received as a youngster.  Later in life he multiplied his collection with pieces he bought for himself during frequent stops at dealerships as a semi-driver.   As a well-traveled toy vendor, and custom combine builder, Charley gained experience and a local following.  With encouragement from area friends and family support Charley was responsible for bringing the hobby to the eastern states surrounding Pennsylvania by starting the Beaver Falls Toy Show in 1980.  Baird’s enthusiasm for farm toys and collecting has reached generations of toy collectors who now enjoy and treasure the hobby.



Ralph and Joanne Jolley from Meaford, Ontario, Canada - - A background on the farm taught both Ralph and Joanne Jolley valuable life lessons about hard work and discipline.  It is these formative characteristics that propelled them to prosper in life.  Jolley’s Farm Toys has become one of the most well-known Canadian retailers for farm toys.  The Jolley’s had a knack for business and offering customers what they wanted.  A true husband and wife collaboration was the secret to the businesses continued success.  Joanne even encouraged Ralph to start his own personal toy collection.  Ralph really appreciates the knowledgeable collectors with whom he attended shows and who taught him so much about the hobby.  Perhaps the most important lesson learned about was that there is more to this beloved hobby than toys; it is the treasured friendships collected over the years. 

The National Farm Toy Museum, houses the National Farm Toy Hall of Fame including memorabilia and representative farm toys of past nominees.  A not-for-profit 501(c)(3)  the museum’s mission is the preservation of the history of agriculture through farm toy collecting.  The National Farm Toy Museum is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.


More information about the National Farm Toy Museum is available at or by calling 563-875-2727.







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