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Abbreviations Quiz

What does LP stand for? (bonus: how is it used for tractors?)
A.) Love Potion
B.) Like Pewter
C.) Liquid Petroleum
What does WF stand for when talking about tractors?
A.) What For
B.) Wide Front
C.) White Font
What does PTO stand for?
A.) Poor Tool Operations
B.) Picker Time Out
C.) Power Take Off
What does 3P stand for
A.) Three Point Hitch
B.) Three Potatoes
C.) Picker, Power, Poise,
What does NF stand for?
A.) Not Forward
B.) Narrow Front
C.) New Format
What does ROPS stand for?
A.) Really Orange Picker Stands
B.) Range Of Picker Stamina
C.) Roll Over Protection Structure
what does IH stand for
A.) international havester
B.) inerstate highway
In John Deere what does GP stand for
A.) General Purpose
B.) George Perry
C.) Great Prefect
What does TA stand for.
A.) Torque Amplifier
B.) Traction Assistance
C.) Tire Area
What does JD stand for?
A.) Joy Deerest
B.) John Deere
C.) Jelly Doughnut




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